Samus and I were in a bad place last we met back in 2010 in That-Metroid-Game-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. I desperately wanted a rebound to get us back to where we thrived best: on our own, blasting aliens, upgrading that suit for the billionth time, and never looking back at explosions. What better title for a game that is a remake of an older entry but feels fresh anyway than Metroid: Samus Returns?

Yes, Samus Returns is essentially Metroid II again, but it looks better, sounds better, and now she can counter-punch the shit out of anything that gets too close to her helmeted grill. And I mean anything. Any alien that I shot, I likely also punched. It's standard space procedure now.

The rest of the game remains solid as well. Run here, pick up that, go back there, open a locked door. Still good, occasionally perplexing. While I wait for more information on Metroid Prime 4 (or 4 to those in the know), I love that Samus returned to form as a reminder that she's still got it. Thanks for socking some aliens, Metroid: Samus Returns.

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