This is probably an exaggerated comment that I'm making to gain your attention in the opening statement, but FIFA 18 was my biggest surprise of the year. Hear me out though. I don't think I have ever bought a game in the same sim sports franchise two years in a row until FIFA 18. For all the crap EA deservedly got this year, they are doing something right with their sports franchises. It may not cancel out the predatory practices of Ultimate Team, but I'm genuinely invested in the story of Alex Hunter and will probably buy FIFA 19 because of it. Hell, it's so good they brought their story mode to Madden and it was a revelation over there, too.

It's not all solo sports though. We finally went online this year and took on other teams of 2 to 11 (!) players. Horrible FC lives up to its name but the competition is real, memorable, and we want to get better. Just remember to play out all the added time, Ryan. Thanks for the goals, FIFA 18.

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