I am not a FPS multiplayer fan, really. While I did play a little multiplayer with some of the Horrible Night crew, my experience with this game rests almost entirely with the single player campaign, and what a single player campaign it is. There is a little bit of a ramp up as far as pace is concerned, but when you hit the meat of it, it delivers the quality you would expect from these Modern Warfare alums.

From that point on, it is such a great ride. Besides some imaginative and extremely capable level design and boss fights that will keep you on your toes, there is a wonderful chemistry that develops between you and your titan that in many games would feel forced or hollow.

It is not a long campaign, but there are some missions that are definitely worth going back and playing a couple times, trying new tactics, and seeing if you missed anything. It is certainly worth playing, I just wish it hadn't been realized amid a flurry of other AAA first-person shooters. Thanks for bringing the fun, Titanfall 2.

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