One of my first non-electronic game memories is sitting on the beach working through word searches. I don't even think I could read, but I sure could circle things when someone pointed to them. Maybe that's why The Witness started out feeling like a nice vacation. An island full of puzzles is about as much of a video game break from video games that you can ask for.

That island doesn't stay relaxing for long though. I never encountered a word search with as many layers as just one of the over 600 puzzles in The Witness. It's mind boggling. It's addictive. It demands respect. It's one of the most beautiful and beautifully designed games of the year. Thanks, but you win, The Witness.

Games of 2016

Throughout January, the Games of 2016 will lead the way towards The 2016 Grimmys - Horrible Night's Games of the Year Awards.