The last thing I'd ever want to do when being occupied by a superior alien race is to get up close and personal with them. We're outnumbered and out-teched so we have outsmart them. I'm not saying I outsmarted any of them, but that didn't make killing aliens with swords any less satisfying when it happened.

Clearing an XCOM 2 mission with a ranger made for some of my loudest victory shouts of the year. Unfortunately, that also meant that any time I lost a ranger, I had to take break from the game. I couldn't give up entirely though. The human race's fight as a scrappy resistance was much more compelling than just being a dumb civilization that didn't know how to defend itself. A lot of things could have gone sideways with this sequel, and it was better for it. Thanks for making this personal, XCOM 2.

Games of 2016

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