I played two games with mechs this year and this was the good one. Respawn learned from its mistakes and shortcomings in its first outing and delivered a solid, single-player campaign where they showed what could happen if you let players experience really cool, unique mechanics...and then didn’t stay married to them for the entire game, which kept the level-to-level progression fresh.

With Respawn’s pedigree, the fact that the gunplay is solid should come as no surprise, but I didn’t come here for the gunplay. I came here for the wall running and the giant robot with a frickin’ sword. The mix of the super-mobile pilots, giant bipedal machines of destruction falling from orbit, and a small dash of Insomniac-esque crazy weapons in the mix is a winning recipe. Thanks for the opportunity to get a double headshot with two-barrelled sniper rifle, Titanfall 2.

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