I actually thought I tempered my expectations for The Last Guardian quite well consideringt that the developer's previous game is an all-timer for me. Truth be told, I wasn't far off base in my general reaction to the game itself. However, I don't think even another decades worth of previews could have prepared me for interacting with Trico. The bird-cat-dragon-dog had my heart immediately. I don't know if it's because I'm a pet owner, but I would do anything for Trico.

The AI and mannerisms of Trico are perfect. If you've ever tried to train a pet or work out a puzzle with a smart animal, you know that the execution is never going to be technically 10/10 but the results will be an emotional 10/10. The only issue was that I found myself getting stressed out any time I put Trico near danger or confusing situations. I'd look away from the game and immediately notice my own dog staring at me to engage with him. The real life dog may have won out, but being my #2 is no small feat, Trico. Thanks for the puppy dog eyes, The Last Guardian.

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