I had a lot of fears about The Division. Even though my lofty dreams about it didn't exactly come true, I think it says a lot that my nightmares didn't come true either. There was some solid video gaming with my crew here, and we looked pretty slick while going about that action.

I enjoyed dumping clips into bulletproof enemy faces even if it I wasn't sure if they were "bad guys" or how they could withstand that many metal projectiles (and explosions) in their faces. In the moment, I didn't care. I was too busy maneuvering and finding ways to dispose of these fools faster/better without taking our own losses. It turns out that our failures were as enjoyable as our victories, and that loot felt as good as my beanie looked. To date my favorite memories of Madison Square Garden and Times Square are with my closest gaming buddies. But don't let that fool you, because we can all get dirty with the dirtiest of 'em in the Dark Zone. Thanks for dropping some legendary comfort, The Division.

Games of 2016

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