I blame the shift in shooters this year, but man was I craving some old school multiplayer fps mayhem. I come from the schools of Quake and Unreal Tournament and felt some immediate kinship with the seemingly random appearance of Ratz Instagib this year. I wasn't the only one though, it didn't take long to take some of my shooter pals into going in on a Ratz 4-pack and all of a sudden rail guns were everywhere.

It doesn't matter how many times I died (cheaply from impossible one-shots across the map from my friends who cheat and aren't good). The moment I hit my one single precise skillshot to ruin a killstreak made everything else worth it. I'm no longer sure that I was ever good at shooters, but at least I no longer care because I can still get that gib goodness. Thanks for the satisfaction, Ratz Instagib.

Games of 2016

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