With The Messenger, we've received the Ninja Gaiden successor we didn't know we needed. I haven’t abandoned parental duties in favor of it, but oh man, can I feel the urge. Despite the presence of airborne enemies, none of them are as obnoxious as the crows you saw in its spiritual ancestor. Frankly The Messenger is a case-study in great ninja platform-slashing. It’s an incredible amount of fun, makes me laugh with its screwy sense of humor, and irritates the absolute shit out of my carpal tunnel. I don’t know if this is the perfect send-up of Ninja Gaiden, but it’s got to be close, even if its writing is top notch with a side of Deadpool in its NPCs.

While I appreciate the “historical accuracy” of the design, goddammit, is it really necessary to keep that awful, piercing chime every time you pause or select? CHING! Thanks for the jumps and the eardrum damage, The Messenger.

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