Peace is nice. Acceptance is powerful. After years of misunderstandings, I feel like Destiny and I finally know who we are. It really just makes it a lot easier to enjoy each other’s company and in the end all we ever wanted to do was to just hang out. I wrote off Destiny 2 for what I thought was forever or at least that was my intention. While we grew apart, I think we both learned that this didn’t have to be an all or nothing relationship. It turns out when we give each other a chance and keep our expectations in check, we can coexist and pass a lot of enjoyable time together.

I don’t think I can go along for the ups and downs of a full year on Destiny’s schedule, but every few months there’s always something new to experience. Every time I go back, I have fun and I get lost in the loop. It feels good while I’m there, and I look forward to my next visit. Thanks for sticking to your guns, Destiny 2.

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