After riding the hype train to nowhere, I became quite content for VR to find me when it actually had something to experience. After playing a few demos at work I started stumbling around the store and came across one with good reviews. Fast forward about 5 minutes and I was shouting at everyone to come try out Echo Arena. I had had my VR moment.

The locomotion is like nothing I could have predicted. Floating through zero gravity while pulling myself along railings and pushing off of obstacles felt so natural. I didn't have to think about it. Then of course I would also have little rocket boosts on my hands to fine tune my movements. Then the game opens up and the competition takes over. I started looking for Ender Wiggin and almost lost my mind. Thanks for that, Echo Arena.

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Throughout January, the Games of 2017 will lead the way towards The 2017 Grimmys - Horrible Night's Games of the Year Awards.

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