Filtering new releases on Steam is an improper science. I wrote off Plunkbat by its mobile port looking logo and dumb name. However, it didn't leave the top of the charts and after two weeks I was hearing stories about how it had a ridiculous premise. Picture this - 100 gamers confined inside a flying cargo plane before a round starts just waiting to jump out. That's 100 people trash talking over voice chat to get amped up to be the last one standing. It sounds like the most toxic thing ever, but I had to experience it once (for science). That is why I bought Plunkbat.

Of course, once I had the game I was surprised it didn't take much convincing for a few friends to jump out of a plane together. Forget the plane though, the game really is like nothing I have ever played before. The rest of my experience is history and not that different from the 3+ million actively playing the game right now. Plunkbat is important, we'll be feeling the effects of its design in every shooter and most multiplayer modes going forward. I'll be hiding under this motorcycle for a while though so you should check in later to see if I'm still here. Thanks for blowing up, Plunkbat.

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