A sports game for people who hate sports games couldn't have hit me at a better time. I grew up focusing 8 days of my week on sports whether I was playing or watching them. At times it leads to witnessing interesting culture clashes of sports fans and gaming fans. More recently, I've pulled back my sports obsessions but I'm also in year two of my soccer fandom where I'm still learning a lot about the game. Along comes Behold the Kickmen which at first glance looks like a creative take on an arcade soccer game. Then you come to figure out it's made by a game designer who hates soccer and doesn't (want to) understand it.

I am impressed this game even exists, as I can't imagine working so long on a game subject that I dislike. Behold the Kickmen's writing is as hilarious as its intepretations of the rules of soccer and sports in general. I think I finally understand offsides and it's deadly. It doesn't hurt that its really fun to play and reminds me of the sports video games I grew up with that weren't obsessed with silly things like accuracy and simulation. Thanks for not taking sports seriously, Behold the Kickmen.

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