I found 2017 to be an interesting reflection of games where three genres churned out entries like clockwork: Souls-likes, battle royales, and, my close friends, the rogue-likes. I was pumped for one rogue-like in particular in the spring about a ghost pirate dude: Flinthook. It almost had everything I could want: the look, the hook, and a charming lead. Despite falling off my space spelunking by the summer, Flinty and me had a blast for a couple of months.

Even now, looking back, I remain super positive about my cosmic adventures. The loop was so satisfying: conquer ships, fight a boss, level up, repeat. While it's not as linear an experience as the platformers of old, I felt like I rode a worthwhile loot groove to the very end. I even placed in fifth during one of the daily challenges, resulting in one of the developers tweeting back at me! Thanks for the space hooking, Flinthook.

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