It's funny how many different rhythm games I used to play. Recently, the genre has been a bit flat. Thumper actually looked too simple from its screenshots and I didn't have high hopes. Once I played Thumper, it made me feel claustrophobic and hopeless. It's uncomfortable and oppressive. It's also unforgettable and thrilling.

I don't know what universe Thumper takes place in, but I'm glad I can visit in short bursts if I have to. Thumper's beats beat me up, but they also made me try again. The next level would always show me that I wasn't as good as I thought, but I was entranced and couldn't stop. After a while it felt like Thumper was playing me. Its track seemed to be guiding me into an inevitable doom. Even when I'm not playing it, when I think about Thumper I can't shake how it makes me feel. I've dealt with games scraping my emotions before, but never a rhythm game. This is unsettling. I love it. Thanks for sucking me in, Thumper.

Games of 2016

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