Contrary to what my opponents may think when they engage me in predictive conversations about upcoming major video game releases, I really do enjoy being proven wrong. Well, I enjoy being proven wrong when the result is that a game turns out to be quite awesome when I thought the opposite would happen. To that I will proudly revere Final Fantasy XV for years to come. I'm even more excited to exchange stories about adventures within that world as its combination of nostalgic moments and modern sensibilities made for a beautiful experience.

I do want to focus on the primary source of my apprehension though, because it ended up being Final Fantasy XV's biggest strength. I had less than zero interest in engaging with a road trip story centered around 4 bro stereotypes. The previews/trailers made it seem like Final Fantasy had reached a new dumb low in an attempt to gain an even wider/Western audience. In the end, I was almost driven away entirely by a different character, but my affinity for the bros made me fight through it until the game completely captured me. Above all, I had to see/hear more of their interactions. From the silly to the emotional to the weird, I never tired of the quips, the advice, or the celebrations. We were in this together and the world around us was the most interesting Final Fantasy had provided in decades. I never stood a chance. Thanks for 15, Final Fantasy XV.

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