I knew as soon as I saw the trailer that I was going to play Virginia. Something in the press about “a very X-Files meets Twin Peaks vibe,” and I’m interested. Go ahead and throw in a ‘narrator’ who was almost immediately recognizable as unreliable (my favorite kind), a MILD SPOILER AHEAD case of the ETs, a Ghost of Possible Futures If You’re A Jerk moment, and an ambiguous if positive-leaning ending? Sign me up.

Although this was absolutely a ‘walking simulator,’ (a term with negative connotations that I’m disregarding here because I think it’s also not an inaccurate descriptor), it was a walking simulator in a year that had several really, really good ones and it measured up. Virginia had a cohesive if not always chronologically-linear story that grabbed me; it said things about race and gender and familial expectations without ever using words; it had a minimalist art style that mated with the game’s lack of dialog well; it had this strings-heavy soundtrack that looped back upon itself kind of like the story. Thanks for giving me my dose of thought provoking drama, weird creepiness, and aliens, Virginia.

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