I’ve wondered a lot of things about myself. Will I ever bowl a perfect 300? Could I survive in the wilderness with Bear Grylls? Would I be a good king? Reigns only helps to simulate one of these scenarios, the king one, but it’s one of the most entertainingly frustrating mobile games I swiped in 2016.

A typical playthrough is all about crafting the story of your rule as king of the people, working to preserve the balance between riches, military, religion and the happiness of your citizens. Get too rich and you choke at a party. Underfund your military and a neighboring army will cut you to ribbons.

There’s no escaping your inevitable death, but new and interesting events unlock for the next generation to keep things spicy. What’s the deal with the talking dog? More importantly, can it become king? Thanks for the royal obituaries, Reigns.

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