Listen, I love dogs more than humans and I've spoken about my inherent need to protect video game dogs above my own character, but INSIDE made me fear the sound of dogs barking. Even if it is a bit too similar to Playdead's preceding game, nothing felt like INSIDE in 2016. It's a game that will stick in my brain forever. When I think about it, I feel things, dark things. I get surrounded by dread and can almost taste the game in the back of my throat.

None of these tactile emotions even include that game defining moment in the final act. Every person I talked to who played INSIDE had to discuss that moment when it happened. I'm really glad I recorded my full playthrough so I can relive it. I mean, I never want to go back to INSIDE, but at the same time it will always stay with me. Thanks for the crawling skin, INSIDE.

Games of 2016

Throughout January, the Games of 2016 will lead the way towards The 2016 Grimmys - Horrible Night's Games of the Year Awards.