While The Walking Dead has basically fallen completely off of my radar in all media forms, it was the first “A Telltale Series” game I played and gosh do I like the format in story-rich games. While Rocksteady’s Arkham games focused on making you feel like you were The Bat (okay, the first two, the third one made you feel like you were Tim Burton’s Batmobile), this Telltale series focused on the fact that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne in a costume. Bruce Wayne who runs a multi-billion dollar corporation, can’t get over the murder of his parents, and has a really hard time finding anyone he can trust and confide in due to his predilection for nocturnal manhunting.

Telltale told a unique Batman story that was stand-alone from the film, console, and comic stories, managed to avoid getting stuck in the slump of telling Batman: Year One for the umpteenth time, and offered up some facets of the Rogue’s Gallery that were rooted in the mythos while still feeling fresh. In addition, Telltale’s animation style is a cousin to the animated Batman series and movies which have been the most consistently-good media output on small or large screen.

As long as you go into Batman: The Telltale Series remembering that these games have more in common with reading the comic than playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, you’re in for a good time. Telltale’s storytelling is at its height here and the voice acting has been good enough I felt completely justified in creating Two Face because holy crap is Harvey Dent a sniveling weasel of a politician. Thanks for reminding me that it’s the Bat, not the prosecutor, who keeps Gotham safe, Batman: The Telltale Series.

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