Justin makes some new friends behind a barrier. Ryan takes Ganon to the moon. Knockout City gives out some Rocket League launch vibes. E3 Season is best served with urgency. Plus, otters bathe best.


Show Features

Cast: Justin Lacey, Ryan Billingsley

  • What's Up? For All Mankind / Lock Sport / Driving Wheel / Castlevania S4 / Colon / Not Moving
  • HoNight News
  • Game Time: Apex Arena / Kerbal Space Program / Helldivers / Forza Horizon 4 / Monster Hunter Rise / Breath of the Wild
  • First Drop: Knockout City Impressions
  • Game Lobby
  • Final Drop: E3 Season Dreams
  • Hypetrain: Monster Hunter Rise / Insurmountable / Biomutant / Resident Evil 7