One thing we can all agree on is that it isn’t Jon Bernthal’s fault. Ryan has been hurt by CoD before. JB returns with a different color of Switch. Justin wants more people to play in space. Plus, Gooigi makes a strong case.

Show Features

Cast: Justin Lacey, Ryan Billinglsey, JB Buckner

  • What's Up? Star Wars / Travel / Supernatural Soundtradck
  • Game Time: Switch goes Orange / The Outer Worlds / Rocket League Banned
  • Change Games
    • Glowing single player reviews
    • Who is the worst?
  • Feature: Ubisoft, U Know Better
  • Good Games
    • Creepy Game Updates
    • Subscription Games get a Champion
  • Hypetrain
    • The Outer Worlds / Borderlands 3 / Luigi's Mansion 3