We’ve all gotten more than our fair share of the killing zombies experience in first person, in third person, and with Resident Evil 7, even in VR (shudder). But it took Numantian Games’ They Are Billions to bring the zombie hordes to the RTS realm. With a steampunk aesthetic and shambling corpses numbering in the thousands, They Are Billions has carved out its own little realm.

I’ve spent plenty of time in various strategy games, but I can’t say I’ve ever been unsettled by one. Trying to wipe out stragglers and collect resources to build a layered defense before sending troops out that you’ve painstakingly trained only to have a mass of maggot-ridden walkers crash your base while the bulk of your forces are engaging a group half a map away is not dissimilar from running into the Zerg, but starting a game and, ten minutes in, having your fledgling stronghold wiped from the map by an inexorable wave of the undead is… creepy. Thanks for giving me the shudders in an isometric perspective, They Are Billions.

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