You'd think Zeboyd Games was an old friend of mine. There's something comfortable and nostalgic about all of their RPGs that I began to kind of take them for granted. I knew I'd play Cosmic Star Heroine, but when I started it I don't think I was paying much attention. I was breezing through the opening dialog and battles right up through to the first boss. It was blissful to the point that I thought I was replaying one of my favorite games. Then, suddenly I died.

What had I done wrong? Why am I in space? I restarted the fight and assessed the situation. I noticed the potential for a lot of strategy between the characters in my party. Charging abilities instead of attacking every round unleashed some awesome attacks, but my other characters had to pick up the slack. With a few adjustments I kicked his ass. The game got even snappier between battles and I was off and running in a perfectly optimized JRPG. No filler here. All space spy awesomeness. I hadn't played this before and now I couldn't stop. Thanks for checking my pulse, Cosmic Star Heroine.

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