I love loot! I took a moment to consider alternate ways of starting this article, but no other introductions hit the nail on the head as succinctly as professing my fondness for finding and equipping gear. Loot Rascals was a gamble I took on itch.io, a turn-and-grid based roguelike about collecting cards. It's easy to understand, difficult to master, and death means that an alien parasite of sorts will disassemble and reassemble you to try again. I imagine it's as painful as it looks.

While this release might have been more low-key in the game avalanche of 2017, I spent many hours playing this game up to its official release. I was punching aliens, stealing card loot, and getting pretty far before getting bested by RNG. If this game sneaks its way onto the Switch, I'm in deep space doo-doo. Thanks for the cosmic loot drops, Loot Rascals.

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