I talk a big horror game, er well uh, game, but I started looking back at my regrets around Resident Evil 7 and now I wonder if I actually got scared off. That's how good the intro was. It is unnerving and unpredictable in a way that is paralyzing when it comes to summoning the fortitude to move forward.

I did make it through the intro, sure, but afterwards I wiped my brow, sighed, laughed, and saved my game. I never continued my game. I had all kinds of legit sounding excuses centered around other games I needed to play or I'll get back to it when I'm in the mood. Apparently, I was never in the mood to deal with that family in that house again. I left a lot of characters there to die. I'm not ok with it, but I don't know what to do about it. Thanks for the guilty nightmares, Resident Evil 7.

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