I always associated ranch work and farm work with, well, work. It sounded stressful and endless. It turns out its actually rewarding and freeing if adorable slimes are involved. The trick is, just don't become emotionally attached to the slimes. Go in knowing that the slimes are going to misbehave, escape, and die, a lot. It's not your fault, it's not their fault, and the cold hard truth is that there are always more slimes.

The gooey awesome truth is that these slimes are going to combine into completely different slimes, and it's those slimes that are gonna make you the money to support you in collecting more slimes. Also, you should collect some chickens. You also shouldn't let some slimes combine with other slimes unless you want more dead slimes. You should also know that the slimes themselves don't make you money, you really just want their poop. Ok, I realize that all sounds like work with little reward. But the poop will make you smile, I promise. Thanks for the plorts, Slime Rancher.

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