It's not that this particular Dungeon Rescue didn't look interesting, it was just that I had played a handful of its genre brethren when it was released. However, if you feature a dog in your game, I'm probably going to at least take a look at it. It could have been a huge mistake, but that dog pulled me in to a wonderful roguelike, puzzle experience.

The dog gets you through my door, but snappy and clever gameplay will keep me playing for a while. The puzzles are challenging without ever becoming frustrating. Not only is it easy to try another run when you fail, but during a run you can retrace your steps/mistakes at any time. It allows you to try multiple approaches at once to the same dungeon puzzle. If you really suck, a ghost will eventually hunt you down to put you out of your misery. This of course just made me want to bring the dog back for another try. Thanks for the long leash, Fidel Dungeon Rescue.

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