Hypetrains are never rational and once you are on one you may as well join the ride. No one has been hurt by Destiny 2 at this point, but despite our memories of its predecessor our excitement goes off the rails quickly. I'm sure everything will turn out fine.

All aboard the Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer##

Justin Lacey - the difference in tone from the Destiny 1 trailers is awesome.
more cayde please, more loot please.

Justin Gifford - exactly.

Ryan Billingsley - guys, i am getting kind of excited

Justin L - i feel like such a fucking sucker
but i'm HYPED
it's probably just fillion, but i'm ok with that
he said there's loot!

Justin G - well, i just got text messages lobbying me to get it on ps4 so that this friend 'can have more dudes in his clan.'
I think we have a few minutes to consider.

Justin L - he needs to work on his pitch.
"get it on ps4 so my friends can have more friends"
it's starting over and it's gonna be on the Blizzard App (please)

Justin G - yeah, is there absolutely no carry over? do we know that yet?

Justin L - your appearance carries over :P
i mean in the trailer they basically wrote it into the story by saying "They blew up all our stuff!"
in my opinion they should just call it Destiny 1
and pretend the previous one doesn't exist or never made it out of beta
(but taken king totally deserves a grimmy)

Ryan - you wake up, having a great dream about the Taken King, only to realize the burning tower in the distance...

Justin G - yeah, i got the part about your stuff, i just was unclear if they'd announced much else. i have a cape i like.

Ryan - gone
wolf pelt, gone
it's all gone



Coop - i love cayde

Justin G - "And if I don't see you out there, I'll kill you myself."
that was my favorite part.

Ryan - my favorite part was where they remembered characters were important

Justin G - there was that. but loot!

Ryan - i never had a loot problem in Destiny other than having to put all my high level gear on every time I wanted check out what I had. I hated that system.

Justin G - but you could go on the bungie website to look at it it!

Justin L - loot
loot and fun please

Justin G - LOOT

Justin L - and stuff to do
but yeah character
ok those 4

A new platform appears##

Things get serious for a moment as this "sure-thing" faces the question that all "must-buys must face. Which platform are we all going to play on?

Ryan - oh and did I mention how excited i am to play Destiny on PC
that is going to be so awesome

Justin L - games look good on PC's

Justin G - i am going to have a hard time making that decision, but yeah.

Justin L - why?
do you hate playing with us?
you can use the controller of your choice!
we won't even judge you
Coop can even m/k

Justin G - well, yeah, but also because i like playing shooters like that in the basement with the surround sound cranked on the big screen.

The other dude

Justin L - sigh i understand

Justin G - but i am undecided. i suppose i could actually buy a steam link.

Justin L - i've become more of a headphones guy, but i have that option more than you family people

Justin G - nah, i use my open backed ones. that's not an issue.

Ryan - i like not competing with my kids for the tv

Coop - just run a 50' HDMI cable to your living room, and you can play PC games anywhere
oh, you have to run an active USB cable too so that you can have a controller

Justin L - lol we're all fucked
we learned nothing
i love it

Coop - GOTY

Cole Monroe - you guys are idiots

Ready to buy, ready to win##

The escalation continues as purchases are no longer in doubt. Now the only question is how many games of the year awards will Destiny 2 win?

Ryan - I wonder where this will be available digitally for PC. I see the pre-order is on Amazon
you get a case with a download code
but where it downloads from, I am not sure

Justin L - activision games have been on steam before
but if anything would make the leap to the blizzard app...

Coop - Windows Store only

Justin L - ew, nah bungie still likes Sony for Destiny anyway

Coop - Steam is going to merge with Windows Store soon. Gabe is tired of making money

Ryan - is really Windows Store only or are you getting a jump on Destiny 2 fake news

Justin L - fake news!
Valve buys Nintendo, let's go
i like that over my apple prediction 5 years ago
wait, what is this thread?

Coop - GOTY 2017

Justin L - oh that seems right

Cole - nah
I'm already in peak GOTY anger over here even thinking about this

Ryan - 2017 Grimmys will be a 10 hour podcast where the last 8 are all GOTY
the 6th hour is just yelling, for 3 hours
JB says some insightful things, no one hears it
it's going to be great

Cole - I'm gonna fly out for this
so i can physically threaten people if necessary ha

JB Buckner - I'm a wealth of knowledge at a low resonance Ryan.

Justin L - this is wonderful


One final awakening##

One can only imagine what it was like to come back to this hyperbole after the dust began to settle

Aaron McNeal - I feel like I just came out of a cave to this huge fucking thread
time to watch this reveal trailer and hope it's full of emotes and microtransactions

Justin L

  • sparrow races!
  • 1 new location!
  • 6 new guns!
  • 1 new helmet!
  • 14 pairs of used pants!

Aaron - my stuff... gone!
engrams as far as the game will render
shit, that frontier bag
everyone can know I'm a guardian who cares about loot

JB - Do it for the loot

Justin L - do it for the steelbook case
that's my weakness

Coop - I have a steelbook case of Perfect Dark Zero
I'll sell it to you
it's backwards compatible on the xbone!

Justin L - a steelbook case can't contain that garbage fire

Ryan - if you pre-order the limited edition from the dead Gamestop (which we broke first on Night Force Action Report, you should all listen, its the best) you get a Cayde action figure

Justin L - i get a Cayde action figure by being on that podcast, right?

Cayde-6 Action Figure

At least rationality and good business sense won out in the end. How far off the tracks did this hypetrain go? We'll see in September.