Bungie has been out there discussing what will and won't carry over from Destiny to Destiny 2. We've been waiting for a good excuse to assemble our guardians, but we've all be burned before. Looking forward toward Destiny 2's release this fall, it begs the question:

Will you play more Destiny 2 than Destiny?

  • Aaron McNeal - I'll gladly want to sink some time into that universe if 2 starts with some of that Taken King flavor and improvements. I hope to play more of Destiny 2 now that we're all more in line with what systems we have access to and knowing what Destiny's deal is.

  • Ryan Billingsley - I would love for the HN crew to actually complete a raid together. I only did Vault of Glass, but it was a lot of fun. I will probably play a lot of D2. I played a lot D1 by myself, and occasionally with Coop which was great. Hopefully, there is a crew that plays regularly and we can really get into it.

  • JB Buckner - Destiny 1 was tough for me because I got in so late that I got power leveled just so I could fit in with the cool kids. I don't think I got the full experience. However, team play is fun and I can get on board with more Destiny assuming I'm not buried in a mountain of fun games yet to be played.

  • Andrew Cooper - My plan is to play at least as much Destiny 2 as I did 1. This is assuming that they learned from their past mistakes and give us more of a complete package from the start. I really liked what Destiny was trying to do, it just unfortunately took them some time to figure it out. The amount I play will be directly related to how much my friends are playing though. The original campaign never hooked me solo. I had way more fun with friends, and I'm assuming that won't be much different this time around either. I also hope to get into the raids this time around. I feel like I missed out on one of the better parts of D1 by never getting a group together to attempt those. As long as I can stay on top of what I'm playing through right now, I should be able to give Destiny some attention at launch.

  • Cole Monroe - It depends on a few things: 1. What else is going on at the time of release in terms of games. 2. If bros are playing. 3. If there is actually a story.

  • Justin Gifford - I'm almost certainly going to be playing less Destiny 2 than I played Destiny 1 unless there's some full-scale buy in by the rest of the site. I basically solo'ed the entire first game and its expansions, which was fine, but it also meant I put a lot of hours into it. Also, new small factor here, the one child who would let me play for a couple of hours at a time as long as I wore him in a carrier and sat on a yoga ball is now 3 years-old. Are you kidding me? "Daddy! Can I play, Daddy!?" Add in the almost-mobile baby and I don't think you're going to see my Destiny 2 hours breaking triple digits unless I forgo all other games.

  • Rob Shaw - Hmm… I had a lot of fun with Destiny 1, and still could since I’ve yet to play Rise of Iron. The best fun is definitely joining forces with buds, so for me it’s pretty well in line with Cole’s answer. What else is going on at the time and do I have buds to run around with? I definitely could spend as much or more time with it. I haven’t read much on it… hopefully there’s a lot about it that is new and improved (whatever that means) to make it more than just glorified $60 DLC.

  • Justin Lacey - I'll definitely match my time with vanilla D2 and D1 since I enjoy that game solo no matter the content. The question will be will there be something bigger to bring me back like Taken King did so that there's a reason to assemble the crew on a regular basis. I hope there is a reason, but D2 may have more competition from other games this year than D1 did around its launch so the big push into D2 might end up actually happening in 2018. That's all assuming a lot of factors including D2's content schedule hold up.