It feels good when your hopes for a game come together. I wasn't exactly invested in the Titanfall franchise to the point that it could disappoint me, but damn it felt good to see Respawn shine. The bonus for me was that I got to play a pretty cool buddy adventure with a bad ass robot.

The funny thing is that I don't even think I would have wanted the titans to have a personality for the first game. I thought I'd want just a straight up futuristic shooter that was all about the skills of the pilots and the unique features of each titan. I didn't play that game though, and I was brought to Titanfall 2 because it was breaking away from a cold and boring existence. This was seriously one of the tightest single player shooter campaigns I have ever played. The extra amount of soul and self-awareness (and evil mercs worth killing) made it even better. Plus, you know, that multiplayer is pretty solid, too. Thanks for tagging in, Titanfall 2.

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