It had been a long time coming for me to experience my first Pokemon game. You see my childhood ended just outside the reach of the original and it wasn't until recent years where I really felt I was missing out on this cornerstone of gaming. Even when confronted by that realization, it wasn't exactly easy to find an entry point into the franchise. Pokemon Sun and Moon seemed like the perfect fit for me upon its announcement. Moving the game to a brand new region featuring tons of new Pokemon was the closest thing I was going to come to a fresh start for the series.

I really enjoyed my time with Rowlet, and found myself immediately spending to much time caring for and petting my Pokemon versus battling them. I worried about the Pokemon outside of my party almost as much as I did about my real life dog who was always staring longingly at me while I had the 3DS in hand. I realized I would never be the world's greatest Pokemon trainer, but I will keep coming back to Alola to find some new friends. Thanks for waiting on me, Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Games of 2016

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