After giving up on my astronaut dreams as a kid, I wanted to become a cartoonist. I never really learned to draw though (but damn could I trace). Jackbox has taught me that most people can't draw well either and that's funny. However, even in the most raucous of Jackbox Party Pack crowds, getting people to play Drawful was a bit of a chore. Party Pack #3 and Tee KO fixed that problem and has become my go to party game that my childhood Pictionary dreams were never prepared for.

It takes a rough round 1 to get people to fight through drawing t-shirt designs, and there's a little confusion when the first request for slogans come in. Everyone breathes a bit and then the random combinations of their terrible creativity come into play. Chaos ensues and t-shirts that would get everyone kicked out of their families start doing battle. It doesn't even matter who wins because I can buy any ridiculous one that I want. Thanks for not censoring my dreams, Tee KO.

Games of 2016

Throughout January, the Games of 2016 will lead the way towards The 2016 Grimmys - Horrible Night's Games of the Year Awards.