The first release to put 2016 on the map for me is the only way to start this off right.

No other games feel like SUPERHOT and each layer of it feels a bit different. Going in guns blazing works for those first few levels and the style just hits you across the face. After way too many deaths, the puzzle game reveals itself. Moving slowly and purposefully around bullets, throwing guns, and teleporting to pull off moves they never saw coming. The full speed replays let you relive your action movie glory. So many great scenes that you never thought you'd get the chance to play through. One right after another with no filler. I wished it would never stop.

Of course there was some weirdness with random menus and old computer screens kind of getting in my way. Admittedly, I didn't get it at first, but when it all came together my mind exploded in slow motion. Thanks for being more, SUPERHOT.

Games of 2016

Throughout January, the Games of 2016 will lead the way towards The 2016 Grimmys - Horrible Night's Games of the Year Awards.