Justin and Cole try to figure out why SiN Episode 2 never happened. The Source engine doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to episodic gaming, but SiN's quality isn't the reason why it failed.

Previous Memories of SiN Episodes: Emergence

  • The character design definitely stood out.
  • The world seemed interesting.
  • I don't remember what actually happened in the game or where the series was headed.
  • The shooting wasn't the problem.

Replay Expectations, Hopes, Dreams, Fears

  • This gameplay would feel really dated.
  • It would be obvious why this series didn't continue.
  • It would be easy.

What actually happened

I'm not sure. That beginning was much of a blur this time as it was previously. It's actually kind of sad to play through a game with such good intentions around setting up its plot and to know that it would never pay off. That being said, I'm still interested to know what was going to happen and where it was all going.

The gameplay had some promise and still felt decent for a 10 year-old shooter. The shooting itself was very responsive even if it didn't feel terrible realistic. The physics engine is showing its age, but still lead to some satisfying explosions and firey moments. By today's standards, it feels a bit too clean and that makes it play a bit awkward. It's nothing that pushes me away, but it definitely needs another hook to keep me interested.

However, SiN Episodes would have had that extra hook. The characters and the story may seem a bit dated now, but I would have pushed through it if I knew there were more narrative moments worth experiencing. It's too bad SiN ended up being a really good false start.

Will I keep playing?

I think I got my fill. It wasn't a bad game or a bad experience, but I answered my historical questions. I don't see much of a need to see it through since there isn't much to it, and no sequels in sight. If I have any more questions, I can look those up now that I know how the gameplay feels/holds up.

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