Lots of dumb grins on my face from this latest batch of games. Unappreciated movie tie-ins, college flashbacks, dinosaurs, and some pixels that aren't effing around.

  • Fans of 8-player car combat dating sim racing games, rejoice! Bum Rush is available now for PC and Mac on itch.io. It has been a while since I've been this proud of a game's title, but when your game is about the mad dash to get laid in college I can't think of a better PG title than what Nina Freeman and her team landed on. Also, car combat?!

  • If you are in the mood for simple action and adventure, I'm not sure if it can get more simple than Cavernus. A roguelite platformer that costs about $2. It should probably come with fries, but instead looks like it comes with a climbing axe (in game only).

  • Reddit user Helix3333 created a 2D version of Destiny for PC and Mac called "Project Tiger." I'm still looking for an official ruling as to whether or not it is actually better than Year 1 Destiny.

  • While it's not quite backwards compatibility and I still don't trust PlayStation Now, I gotta say I'm really digging the choices Sony has been making for their PS2 rereleases on PS4. Or maybe it's just because Rockstar has made another one of their lesser played titles available on PS4, The Warriors. Based off the movie I never saw, is a game I never played, that I heard was better than you'd think it was so I kinda want to play it now. (Oh, and that cowboy game that Rockstar made is also available on Xbox One backward compatibility now.)

  • Arcen Games has made some deep and weird games, but I never think of its games to be fast, action games. I also wouldn't think it would release a game as random looking as In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor. The raptor just goes nuts in a space station type of setting, which begs all kinds of questions that only explosions can answer. It's available now on Steam Early Access.

  • The prettiest pixels I've seen this week go to UnDungeon which is an upcoming action RPG with some truly amazing looking character design. The end is near! So I guess the release date is close?


If you have any other discoveries of your own, let me know in the comments.