Watching the E3 press conferences live is one of our favorite video game past times. This year all of our snark was captured in our own private live chat, so let's make the best and dumbest of it public, shall we?

What Dis?

So everything is going well at the Sony press conference. Really well actually. At this point there have been a number of surprises leading up to the Playstation VR segment. On screen we see a promising space combat game... (Trailer is below)

Justin Lacey - halo looks weird.
mechs confirmed.

Coop - titanfall

Aaron McNeal - xenoblade VR

Josh Lee - Which video game is this?

JL - titanfall? eve?

Justin Gifford - #yearofthemechsandhooks

This is looking awesome

At this point everyone kind of sits up and pays attention. Jaws are on the floor. Drooling begins. Everyone wants to jump in the cockpit.

Infinite Warfare

JL - i heard josh's boner.
da fuq is this?

JG - The schwing is strong with this one.

AM - what dis?

JL - starhawk?

Coop - that won't make you sick in VR

JL - i want to be sick in vr

Josh - I don't know but I'm about to blow

JG - Me too

AM - some man's sky

Haha this has to be a Sony exclusive

Sony is killing it. We are convinced that this is another surprise announcement of a game we haven't heard of or a continuation of a franchise. Either way, Microsoft doesn't stand a chance.

Coop - Phil Spencer is crying right now

JL - "save me scorpio"
"next year"

Josh - spAce Combat

JL - grapple confirmed.
dude got out of his plane!

AM - grapple, check

JL - dude spaced that dude.
space grapple.

Coop - this looks more fun than halo

JL - holy shit. it's a killzone yeah?

Coop - bahahahaha

Coop - oh yeah, this might be killzone

Josh - Feels like it

Space of Duty

Yeah, right. It's totally Killzone.

We're still trying to figure out which game this is. We have some ideas and things are looking really good for the Killzone (Sony exclusive) franchise right about of now. All other ideas are being shut down.

AM - space of duty

JL - lol infinite warfare. that's cute.

JG - Thought MS had a decent show, but fml Sony

JL - not ethan?!

AM - kill dudes, ethan!

Coop - grapplespacezone

JL - that's a good name, Coop.
wait go back to the plane. i mean this is awesome. but this is totally killzone now.

Coop - where's the helgast? i'd be ok without them because they actually suck

Josh - Star Citizen

JL - way. no fucking way. star citizen wouldn't be this fun

JL - goddam!
knee to the helmet!

AM - spaceknee

JL - this is in vr?

The Infinite Revelation

The logo confirms our worst nightmare.

Josh - No way

Coop - noooooooooooooooooo

Josh - NO



Coop - dammit

JL - we have all failed


Josh - lolololol

Coop - did we all just get excited over call of duty?

JL - i'm so disappointed in my life

Coop - i'm so ashamed

Josh - They got us. All of us.

Cole Monroe - LMAO

JL - Every Last of Us

Coop - well shit.

Watch the demo we reacted to:

In the time since this pivotal moment in our lives, our crew is still a bit defensive about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We can confirm for sure that there is at least one story mission in the game that makes us really excited and we'd probably shell out $10 or so just for that mission. That doesn't mean we necessarily are buying the game, though. However, you can be damn sure we'll be paying much closer attention to the full scope of the campaign just to find out how much awesome space combat is really in this game. How many of us will end up buying Infinite Warfare? More than were going to before E3, that's for sure.