The dust has officially settled from 2015 and the last couple of months have seen a steady flow of new games. It was shaky there for a while, but it's safe to say we've settled back into a bit of a normal gameplay schedule. The Horrible Night Staff reports in on their latest recommendations and what they are looking forward to playing in the future:




  • I'm sure I'll have more to say about this game, but if I could exaggerate for a moment just so I can point to this statement next year - SUPERHOT is my Game of the Year 2016. Everything you have seen is true and I got more entertainment out of the story than I could have expected. - Justin Lacey

  • If you have a powerful dislike for red faceless humanoids and a penchant for trial-and-error extermination, then I have a strong hunch SUPERHOT is a game for you. Teleportation used to be my go-to hypothetical superpower, but the time manipulation here puts forth a strong case. - Aaron McNeal

  • I am not sure I have every felt as much of a badass as I have watching the sped up replays of SUPERHOT. It is absolutely incredible. - Ryan Billingsley

  • If you suffer from a heart condition. My ticker hasn’t worked this hard since Hotline Miami! - Kyle Werner

Other games

Dying Light

  • Dying Light - I've really gotten back into Dying Light and I don't know why it didn't click for me last year. It runs smooth as hell now. Going back and forth between sprinting and climbing over everything to avoid touching the ground and slowing down just long enough to shatter a zombie's skull right in front of my face couldn't be feel more satisfying. - Justin Lacey

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone DLC - The game left me wanting more but I wasn’t ready to commit to a replay. The DLC does a great job at keeping that same level of excitement after beating the main story. - Kyle Werner

Want to Try

Stardew Valley

  • Stardew Valley - When a new Harvest Moon or similar farm sim game drops, I keep wondering if it’s the game for me. Something to counterbalance all the shooty and stabby games I’m often playing. Surprisingly, this one’s sitting high on the Steam charts and, from what I’ve seen on streams, has a lot of depth, variety and customization that it could be a perfect investment for a lazy evening. - Aaron McNeal

  • Darkest Dungeon - I played this back in December, but XCOM 2 kinda burnt me out on turn-based strategy for a bit. DD is out of Early Access now though, and I'm excited to jump back in when I'm ready to wait my turn (to die) again. - Justin Lacey

  • Galak-Z - I have it sitting on my PS4 thanks to PS Plus and I have heard the title thrown around a lot so curious to see what it is like. I literally know nothing about the game. - Ryan Billingsley

  • SUPERHOT - I have played the game jam version multiple times and was in love with it, so I'm excited to see what the commercial release is like. - Justin Gifford

Ready and Waiting

The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division

  • Getting a group of friends together for Destiny proved to me that there was still a desire in my heart for some good ol’ cooperative mayhem. I’m hoping to recreate some new memories from a third person perspective now, ambushing gangs of looters and wondering why Black Friday hasn’t devolved into this level of chaos for real yet. - Aaron McNeal

  • After two betas, reading every article, watching every video, watching Agent Origins, consuming everything about this game, I am so ready for the release. See you in the Dark Zone. - Ryan Billingsley

  • I couldn't be more ready for The Division. The beta proved to me that that gameplay feels different enough from Destiny, that I have room in my MMO cooperative shooting life for another timesink. I am nervous and have flashbacks to the launch of Destiny, but I'm confident that my friends and I can make our own fun if The Division's doesn't fullfill on its promises - Justin Lacey

Other games

Salt and Sanctuary

  • Salt and Sanctuary - Wait it comes out this month? That surprising news on top of my renewed attraction to Dark Souls has me super excited to get my hands on its 2D love child. My excitement doesn't come without skepticism. It's an ambitious project. I hope it doesn't try to do too much, and take away from the main experience as a result. - Coop

  • Audioshield - I'm so fucking thirsty for a tangible VR game that I can be excited about. Like a full game, not an experience. Converting Audiosurf into a VR experience is something I get and don't need to experience to understand. Audioshield sounds like the VR dreams I had while watching Hackers as a kid. Now, I just have to pick out a headset. - Justin Lacey

  • Quantum Break - I will admit that having the "pre-order this and get a free windows 10 copy" ad on my Xbox One homescreen doesn't help things, but the idea of messing with time as a game mechanic gets my attention; alternate history sci-fi like The Man in the High Castle and the (probably not great) Homeland 2 scratch a specific itch. With that said: I remember how cool I thought Watch Dogs was going to be. - Justin Gifford