I actually don't know how Galak-Z ended up on my list of games that I ignored all details about before release, but it just made my jaw go through more floors with each layer I peeled away in its design.

You are immediately hit by the 80's anime presentation that is so well done it's almost unnecessary. As in, it goes so far above and beyond you can't help but be thankful for its existence. I really felt like I was playing episodes of my new favorite space adventure show.

Then, the genres hit you - arcade shooter, roguelike, metroidvania. It shouldn't work, but it does. Once your head stops spinning to grasp how seamless the whole experience is you start to realize that Galak-Z is kicking your ass.

I've never been so intimidated by a cartoon. I also couldn't look away or pry my hands off my controller. Maybe it was the vocal antagonizing of my enemies or my heart rate increasing as I tried to remain as still as possible as a patrol passed by. Galak-Z deceptively hides its depth and intensity, but I can't forget what I've seen. Thanks for burning my brain, Galak-Z.

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