I missed out on the absurdity that was Just Cause 2 so when I saw Just Cause 3 demoed at E3 last summer, I said, “Holy shit, infinite C4?” Then I said, “I will not miss out again.”

This isn’t the best game I’ve ever played. It isn’t the prettiest, it’s not the shooting-est, it’s not the biggest sandbox, it doesn’t exceed at any one thing that some game somewhere else hasn’t done better. But when I’ve had a hard day at work, or I just don’t feel like making progress, I just want to do dumb shit and fly a jet that has a decent control scheme before ramming it into the side of a mountain and wingsuiting down as an escape before pulling my chute and dropping six c4 packages down the middle of a city street like a malicious stork delivering explosions instead of babies. And that’s when I put Just Cause 3 in.

Because tethering a random passerby to two buildings and trying to duplicate this video is how I relax.


Yes, my wife knows there’s something wrong with me. Thank you, Just Cause 3.

Others Agree This was a Game of 2015

Justin Lacey - "It's so easy to make highlight videos these days, no matter what platform you are on. Hell, we used to do that on a regular basis around here. So it really means something to me when Just Cause 3 is the game from this year where my videos disturbed my coworkers the most. I'd like to see them find a cleaner/easier way to attach a human being to a giant windmill, though. In more heroic advice though this is the other quote that comes to mind when I think of Just Cause 3, 'Never liberate a city the same way twice."

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